Frequent Questions

What makes Captured In Clay tiles so unique?
Captured In Clay tiles are made from 100% natural, non-toxic clay. Your child(ren)’s hand and/or foot print (or paw) is expertly & gently pressed into clay. Our technique and experience ensures that every impression is deep and detailed, ensuring a great print every time. We hand stamp and customize each tile individually according to your order. After drying, your impressions are kiln-fired twice and hand glazed to produce a long-lasting, beautiful tile.

Is there a certain recommended age?
Not really. You can have your prints made whenever you are ready to capture your moment in time. We have taken impressions as young as 2 days old and of grandparents well into their 80’s.

Do you take impressions of adults and pets?
Yes. In fact, over the past few years some of our most popular tiles have been family tiles capturing mom, dad, kids and pets all on one tile. We recommend the 8 x 23 should you want to do this. Paw prints are also another tile that we’ve mastered over the years.

How do I have a tile made?
One of three ways:
1. Schedule a private appointment at our studio in Grand Rapids (Hudsonville area), MI
2. Host a home party at your place OR have a Playdate at our studio.
3. Attend a Tile Event at an area establishment

How do I schedule a private appointment?
You can call Jen directly at 616-949-9781 to discuss available appointment times at her in-home studio. Or, you can schedule an appointment online. Find out more about a private appointment.

How long does a private appointment take?
Appointments are booked for 30 minutes. The actual impressions themselves take a few seconds. Customers usually spend a majority of the appointment time completing paperwork.

How do I get more information about hosting a party?
Preview information listed under Home Parties. When you are ready to select a date or if you have additional questions, please contact Jen or call her directly at 616-949-9781.

How do I find out about retail event locations and dates?
Visit our Tile Events for an updated calendar. Here you will be able find out which stores are hosting Captured In Clay events and the corresponding dates. Click on the individual Event for detailed information regarding the location’s address, event times and how to reserve an appointment time.

How much does it cost?
Prices range from $25 to $150, depending upon the size and specific design layout. The most common size, a 7” x7” tile is just $45 ($57 with beaded & wire hanger). Our prices are based upon the size of the tile and NOT the number of impressions. Obviously, we are able to get more impressions of a newborn on a 7” x 7” tile than we are a 5 yr. old but we never charge more. Check out all your product options here.

What forms of payment do you accept?
In order to keep our costs down, we do prefer CASH and personal checks. However, we do accept VISA & MasterCard.

Is the process messy?
This is a surprising clean process. Any clay residue that may be left on the child’s hand or foot can be wiped off with just a baby wipe.

How long before the tile is finished?
Tiles take approximately 3 ½ weeks from start to finish to complete. If tiles are being mailed or are part of a large event or party, additional days may be needed to process the orders. In this event, customers are notified of any delays.

What if something happens to my tile while you are making it?
Captured in Clay guarantees the workmanship of each tile and will contact you to create a new impression or refund your money. Since our tiles are handmade they can occasionally experience cracking or extreme warping, which is beyond our control. We make every effort to produce a keepsake that you will love today and cherish tomorrow.

Can I purchase a gift certificate?
Since they make the perfect baby shower or holiday gift, we highly recommend them! Gift certificates are available in the denomination of your choice and can be ordered online. More information is available under Gift Certificates.

If you have questions not answered here, please contact us directly!